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Founder of WDU

Getting to know Tomas Pedani - Founder of WDU

If there was a heaven on earth, it would have to be Tuscany. My home.
Here in Tuscany, we will show you “la dolce vita”, the sweet life.
We have the history, the landscapes, the cities, the castles, the villages, arts, cultures, friendly people and of course the key ingredient of “la dolce vita”, the best food and wine of Italy. Ahh, the wine, one of the great pleasures of Italy.
I never tire of driving around my beloved country. After 12 years in my business, I can say I am still learning and discovering new places and things to show my clients.
My team and I take great pleasure in seeking out and exploring new experiences to show clients, to enhance their knowledge and appreciation for Tuscany; one of the most famous regions of Italy.
Whether that is a new winery or an artisan food producer who is making the unique pecorino cheese, or a new restaurant in a small village I have not been to before. Each day still brings me new surprises.
We have a beautiful job and we love sharing these moments with our clients.
If I get bored of this, it is probably time to change.

We Drive You

We Drive You Tuscany, is owned and operated by local people, born and raised here. We are Tuscans first, Italians second. We know the secret places of our magnificent region in the heart of Italy. We know we are blessed to live here and are proud to show you our most intimate and authentic, local experiences. Come and see Tuscany through our eyes, as we share with you our local knowledge and the love for our region and country. After you have seen the many “postcards”, documentaries and movies of Tuscany, come and see the real Tuscany with us; spend a day or half a day, off the beaten tourist tracks. On the roads less traveled. It is the people you will meet, the food you will eat, and the wine that you will drink, that you will remember the most, long after you have returned home. From your hotel door where we pick you up, to the cellar door; all our tours are handcrafted, private, flexible, and customisable. Filled with wonder and amazement.

Partners with Passion and Joy

If I had to pick one word to describe our partners that we work with, the wineries and food producers that we take you to. It would be passion. However one word is not enough, I would also have to use authentic, family run, local, artisan, discovered, off the beaten path, and locals who I am proud to call my friends. But “passion” for sure, and this passion, it is infectious, intimidating, genuine and powerful. The way they talk about their products will have your mouth watering in anticipation to taste the wine, the cheese, the aged meats, the olive oils, the prosciutto ham, the lard and the chocolates. Like us, they have realized how blessed they are to live in Tuscany and have the same joy and enthusiasm to share with visitors. They receive great pleasure and satisfaction when they see the smiles and excitement on our client's faces.

Just say “YES”, just say “SI”.

Here is Tuscany you can not go wrong. The answer should always be “yes”.
Saying “yes” will take your senses on an adventure.
There is a lovely charming old man in my village, who took much delight in simply saying “yes” whenever the waitress asked what he would like to drink. “Would you like a Chianti or a Brunello?” “Yes”.
To him, it did not matter what it was. He knew it would be good, he was drinking wine made in Tuscany.
He always said “yes” with a cheeky smile, which always made the waitress smile in return. I think he took great joy in this.

Would you like a red wine or a white wine? “Yes”.
Would you like a Chianti or Brunello? “Yes”.
Would you like Ribolita or Panzanella? “Yes”.
Would you like a cornetto al cioccolata or cornetto alla crema? “Yes”.
Would you like a caffe, doppio, macchiato, americano, lungo or cappuccino? “Yes”.
Would you like gelato, frutti di bosco or stracciatella? “Yes”.
Would you like to visit Monteriggioni or Radiacondoli? ”Yes”.

Saying “yes” to life is a great way to live.
Live the “Dolce vita”, with us. Just for a brief moment.
Say “yes” to Tuscany, you can not go wrong.
Say “yes” to us as your guides, we will surprise and delight you.
It’s a journey I hope we can take you on.



Nickname: My friends call me Kenny

Where do you live: Siena

How long have you worked with WDUT: 5 years
What is your favorite wine, winery, or wine region?

My favorite wine is a Brunello wine from Montalcino. I like the big flavour of the wine.

What is your favorite restaurant and what is your favorite dish?
I love the Florentine steak at I’Osteria in Siena.

What is your favorite meal your mum or nonna makes for you?
Pizza fritta with tomato sauce and sawdust (the nickname for Parmesan cheese)

What is your favorite village in Tuscany?
In summer I like to spend quiet nights is Chiusure. I like watching the old locals sitting in the main piazza sipping on Flora di Monteoliveto (a herbal liqueur made in the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore) they sit and discuss the daily happening of life in the town.

What is for favorite gelato?
My go-to choice is pistachio, chocolate, and cream.

What is the one thing every visitor to Tuscany should see, do or try?
If you have the time, come to Siena during the Palio and feel the atmosphere in the main square of Piazza del Campo.

What is your standard coffee that you drink?
I need to start my days with an espresso, sometimes 2 or 3 depending on the night.


Nickname: My friends call me Chuck Norris

Where do you live: Siena

How long have you worked with WDUT: 1 year

What is your favorite wine, winery, or wine region?

I love red wine. Bolgheri wines are amazing. This is the area of the famous Super Tuscans wines.

What is your favorite restaurant and what is your favorite dish?
I’m pretty traditional, I love the small osteria’s or vinaio’s (small wine bars with simple traditional foods). The menus change daily and seasonally. The atmosphere is always fun and relaxed.

What is your favorite meal your mum or nonna makes for you?
It’s called Patatonno. It’s a tuna and potato mash. It’s great on a cold day. I loved it as a kid, so now it has fond memories for me with my Nonna.

What is your favorite village in Tuscany?
I like to take clients to places “off the beaten tourist tracks” like to Massa Marittima. This is my birthplace actually. Massa Marittima is in the province of Grosseto and is close to the sea.

What is for favorite gelato?
Bacio - almonds and chocolate
What is the one thing every visitor to Tuscany should see, do or try?
There is something very special and magical about sitting in Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence at sunset and looking out over the Arno River and the historic city. It’s an amazing panoramic view over Florence and it’s famous bridges.

What is your standard coffee that you drink?
Like all Italians that I know, we only drink espresso. I love my espresso.